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By Dorothy Griffith

June 05, 2007

It seems like the sophomore year is one that you don’t remember. It’s not like your freshman year when everything is new and exciting. It’s not like your junior year when you start the college search process. It’s not like your senior year that is fast-paced, application-crazed, and meaningful yet fun. It’s the often-overlooked sophomore year that isn’t given nearly enough credit. This is disappointing news for our friend the sophomore year—especially because sophomore year represents 1/3 of the grades and activities you will use when it is time to apply to college. It deserves far more attention than most students give it.

Most colleges will tell you just how much sophomore year counts. Your sophomore year really can be the beginning of your high school career, especially if your freshman year was a bit lack luster. This article may not be used as an excuse to completely slack off in your freshman year, however. The grades you make in ninth grade are still on your transcript, but colleges will look at sophomore year as the real proof of what you can do—in and out of the classroom. It is, at many high schools, the first year in which Advanced Placement classes are offered, the year when many take the PSAT and the PLAN , you decide what else you take in your high school career, and establish yourself as a student, activities participant and as a leader. As intimidating as that seems, it doesn’t take a lot to prove yourself as a sophomore. If you are the person who completely slacked off during your freshman year, the sophomore year is the perfect time to bring those grades up. If you demonstrate continual improvement, this will show the college that you really do have work ethic, and you are a problem solver—you realized the problem of the less than excellent grades, and you worked out a way to not only correct the uh-oh trend, but a way to improve upon it.

Why all the talk about college you ask? As a sophomore, you don’t apply to college or even decide where you want to go. You might even have no clue if you really want to go to college or what you want to do if you did. Sophomore year is all about keeping your options open, and about being prepared to have choices when you graduate. The best thing you can do at this age, however, is decide where you don’t want to go and what you don’t want to do. For example, as a sophomore I had already decided that I was NOT going to women’s college. No offense to the single-sex institutions, but I just knew they weren’t for me. I had come to this conclusion with the help of my sister, whether she knew it or not. My sister is three years older than me, so I tagged along with her as she visited colleges all across the country, four of which were all female. By tagging along, I also decided that I didn’t want to go to an extremely tiny school in the middle of nowhere. Now, not all students have been blessed with an older sibling who applied to nine colleges and visited even more, but no fear, narrowing down your college search is actually quite easy. Believe it or not, your college counselor really does know about colleges and by sitting down with him/her for a few minutes, your counselor can probably pinpoint the type of school, location, and scholarships available for you. Another great way to find out about colleges that you may or may not want to attend is to visit your local college “fair.” This is where admissions counselors from colleges throughout the country and even internationally come together for the sole purpose of provide you with all the information you could possibly need about the college they represent. For your own well being, they will inundate you with pamphlets and booklets and even some free bumper stickers or T-shirts. This way you can see what colleges are really like by seeing actual pictures in a book as well as speaking to real live representatives of that college.

It’s a mistake to think your resume is all about school, though. What you do outside of school can count just as much as what you do in the classroom. Jobs, volunteering, and sports all count as good experiences and resume boosters. They may also be outlets for great networking experiences and scholarships. Be sure to note everything that you’ve done on your resume—it may seem small and unimportant to you, but to the admissions director or scholarship provider, it could be the difference between getting what you want or being unhappy with your choices.

Your sophomore year definitely shouldn’t be the forgotten one. You can establish your reputation as a student, but also prepare for your future in high school and beyond. It is too easy to just let the year slide by only doing what’s required. Make the most of it—but have fun doing it!

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by Gary Vaynerchuk
12 months ago · 4 min read
H aving zero expectations is a statement I make that is often misunderstood. For me the reason why I have zero expectations is because I have enormous empathy. At the end of the day, I recognize that people have this worldview of constant expectation. It’s how they’re wired. Everyone thinks they’re just entitled to help. That’s why I wrote my book Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook . It’s about providing value first, and not always asking for something in return. And if you’re really coming from a place of empathy, you simply want to help. I do things everyday that don’t have an ROI. I don’t expect or want anything in return. I just think doing the right thing is always the right thing.

The problem is , so many people are worried about what other people think of them and so therefore they are constantly let down. But when people let me down and it happens every single day , my brain actually defaults into empathy. I start trying to reverse engineer and understand. I’m asking what’s going on at home? Are they okay? What happened that made them have to let me down? What happened that made them not deliver, not call back, not react, not come through, not support?

The problem is

There is no reason for me to get upset over something I can’t control. Being upset about somebody else’s actions only slows me down.

I don’t find any practicality in having expectations. People often ask me. “Do you have expectations of employees? Like what about employees?” and the answer is of course, I have expectations of employees. That’s a slightly different situation because they are on my payroll but I approach it from a similar POV. The great thing about being an employer is your actions can map to your expectations.

If somebody lets me down, don’t take it personally. You have to adjust and make a business decision as to whether or not you want that person on your team or if you want to mentor them up for the future. I’m stunned by how many people run businesses and expect others to care about their business as much as they do. The only way I expect somebody to care about my business as much as I do is if they have equal equity in that business. And even then I don’t expect them to care as much as I do!

It’s not about being disappointed that people can’t deliver. It’s not a cynical and negative point of view. I actually think it’s a very optimistic point of view. It speaks to my internal confidence and internal gratitude and empathy. Having zero expectations is a cognitive trait that has lead me to become more independent. I don’t need anything from anyone else. I’m not expecting anything. It’s just the way it’s always been. As I get into my early forties I can clearly see it’s been one of the reasons that I’ve been successful in life, let alone business. When you have zero expectations, everything else is just a pleasant surprise.

2018年7月2日 (updated: 6:20 )

The European Commission will propose new legislation later this year on what technological solutions can be used to underpin connected cars that are brought onto the European market. [ Angara Round Tanzanite Diamond Halo Dangle Earrings in Platinum EAWmR5c68

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Throughout its four years in office, the Juncker Commission has promoted connected and automated cars and encouraged industry groups to invest more in developing the technologies. EURACTIV looks at what it has achieved.

President Jean-Claude Juncker even referred to connected cars in his famous “five scenarios” on the future of Europe last year.

The issue spans different parts of the Commission, and officials in charge of the EU’s transport and technology policies have been crafting strategies on how to accelerate work on connected cars.

Later this year, the Commission will propose new legislation on what technological solutions can be used to underpin connected cars that are brought onto the market in Europe. Car companies and telecoms operators are concerned that the decision will give preference to either Wifi or next generation 5G networks. The Commission insists it won’t take a side, but will remain “technologically neutral”.

The debate over which technology would be better fit has heated up, with different industry groups arguing that the Commission’s decision in the autumn could be a make-or-break moment for the future of connected and driverless cars

Automakers and telecoms firms bicker over EU connected vehicle proposal

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A battle between car manufacturers and telecoms operators is heating up as the European Commission prepares to announce legislation later this year that could determine whether automakers will need to rely on Wifi or wireless 5G technology to build internet-connected vehicles.

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A niche policy fight over the technical groundwork for internet-connected cars has pitted car companies against telecoms operators and also set off alarm bells in a handful of EU capitals.

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| Digital 2018年7月3日

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